Month: December 2019

23 Dec

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

2019 has been an amazing year full of exciting opportunity, new relationships, and new adventures with old friends. It’s been a joy and a pleasure to help so many advisors grow their practices. As the new year approaches, we are working hard to continue to develop new resources and opportunities to help even more advisors […]

18 Dec

Leveraging an Acquisition Consultant to Buy or Sell a Financial Advising Practice

Recently we shared a post discussing many avenues to explore when looking for a financial advisory practice to buy. Among those we discussed utilizing an acquisition services firm. Today we want to dive deeper and talk more about leveraging an acquisition consultant to buy or sell a financial advising practice. Commonly referred to as “matchmakers” […]

04 Dec

Managing A Seller’s Emotions When Purchasing An Existing Book of Business

Selecting a financial advising business to purchase requires due diligence and sound judgement. As the buyer, its often easy to manage your own emotions in the process and keep your head focused on the facts. For the seller transitioning away from the business they built, it’s a little more difficult to stay objective and clear […]