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20 Feb

The Key to Getting Through an Acquisition is Preparation

Acquisitions are a great way to grow your financial practice. They allow you to scale quickly and immediately generate revenue from the new book of business. For many practice leaders, acquisitions are not part of their regular routine and the demands of the process can create challenges before, during, and after the deal. That’s why […]

13 Feb

Building Rapport with the Seller

Often, practice leaders focus on the terms of a deal, while overlooking the human aspects of the transaction. This is to the detriment of the deal and can even prevent a buyer from getting selected when there are multiple offers on the table. In order to not only get a seller to select you but […]

23 Jan
influences value of financial advisor practice

What Influences the Value of a Financial Advisor Practice

The value of your financial practice has tremendous influence over your ability to secure working capital and financing to grow your business through acquisitions. Understanding how your value is calculated and what influences that value is essential to improving your purchasing power if you are looking to acquire and strengthen your selling price if you […]

16 Jan
Loan Options for Purchasing a Financial Advisor Practice

What are My Loan Options for Purchasing a Financial Advisor Practice?

Recently, we shared a post highlighting the many financing options available to financial advisors looking to purchase a book of business. We specifically noted how lenders have learned how to value the goodwill collateral of a financial advisor practice in order to develop lending solutions specifically geared to this unique market. Typically, these loans fall […]

09 Jan
Making Your Financial Practice Credit Worthy

The Five C’s of Making Your Financial Practice Credit Worthy

Many practice leaders discover that to grow their practice they need access to capital. As the financial advisor market has grown and stabilized, more lenders have emerged to assist financial advisors with loans for everything from acquisitions to working capital. To do this, lenders have worked with consultants to develop methods for determining the value […]

02 Jan
Financing Options for Purchasing a Book of Business

Financing Options for Purchasing a Book of Business

Acquisitions are a great way to grow your financial advisor practice quickly. However, many financial advisors struggle to decide the best way to finance the purchase of a book of business. For a long time, advisors had limited options, but as the industry has grown and the profession has become more established, advisors now have […]

23 Dec

Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year

2019 has been an amazing year full of exciting opportunity, new relationships, and new adventures with old friends. It’s been a joy and a pleasure to help so many advisors grow their practices. As the new year approaches, we are working hard to continue to develop new resources and opportunities to help even more advisors […]

18 Dec

Leveraging an Acquisition Consultant to Buy or Sell a Financial Advising Practice

Recently we shared a post discussing many avenues to explore when looking for a financial advisory practice to buy. Among those we discussed utilizing an acquisition services firm. Today we want to dive deeper and talk more about leveraging an acquisition consultant to buy or sell a financial advising practice. Commonly referred to as “matchmakers” […]