Category: Financial Advisor Loans

21 Jun

Key Changes To Make During A Partner Buy-In

Buying into a financial advisory practice can be a very exciting endeavor. The potential to grow professionally and personally are what often drives advisors to make this change. An equity purchase doesn’t just impact the advisor. It has a tremendous impact on the practice too, often requiring some structural and cultural changes that will reflect […]

21 Jun

Financing Options For Making An Equity Purchase In A Financial Advisory Practice

Financing options have improved for financial advisors over the past few years. This greater access to capital solutions allows advisors of every age and experience level to engage in business deals that can help them secure and grow business assets. Associate advisors who, in past years had to rely on personal cash to make equity […]

10 May

Advisor Loans: SBA Versus Conventional Loan Programs

In years past advisors had to rely on personal assets, cash, and seller financing to buy equity or fund growth initiatives. Now financial advisors have greater access to capital through a variety of lenders who have entered the market. These new lending sources provide a wide range of options, all with different terms and requirements. […]

23 Feb

Breakaway Advisors: Key Considerations Before Going Independent

The RIA model has gained traction over the last decade. Many advisors are attracted to the flexibility and independence the RIA model offers. The rise of Virtual Family Offices, new technology, shifting regulatory guidelines, and the need for more comprehensive solutions for high-net worth clients are also driving more and more advisors to consider breaking […]

21 Feb
Is It Time To Refinance Your Broker-Dealer’s Loan

Is It Time To Refinance Your Broker-Dealer’s Loan

Financing options for advisors have changed dramatically over recent years. One unexpected player that has entered the finance game are the broker-dealers themselves. Many broker-dealers recognized the value of offering capital to their advisors. Namely, giving advisors access to capital so they can acquire new business either organically or inorganically, or offering loans as incentives […]

18 Jan

Preparing Your Practice For Acquisitions

The new year has advisors looking at their goals and setting lofty expectations for their practice in the coming months. Often these include goals around client acquisition and revenue generation. One target that has made its way into the sights of practices small and large is acquisitions. Many view acquisitions as the key to leveling […]