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26 Oct

How Adopting Technology Impacts Practice Value

Much of the financial advisory industry had resisted mass adoption of technology over recent decades, but market and environmental pressures during the past few years have made it a necessity. The circumstances of the pandemic forced the need for virtual solutions for managing remote teams and client interactions. This is coupled with increasing demand by […]

26 Sep

How To Do A Claw Back On An Advisor Acquisition

In a previous post we discussed a few of the protections buyers can put in place to preserve their interests during an acquisition. The primary purpose of the protections is to minimize client attrition and preserve the value of the practice being acquired. One of those protections, a claw back, is one that M&A experts […]

29 Aug

Leveraging Broker Dealer Resources During an Acquisition

Acquisitions can be a positive and exciting way to grow a financial advisor practice. They can also be challenging. There are many resources available to advisors that can help alleviate some of the challenges of finding and facilitating acquisitions. Many M&A consulting firms offer educational programming as well as legal services. However, some of the […]

25 Jul

Strategies Advisors Are Using To Find Acquisition Deals

As access to capital has improved, the number of advisors looking to make acquisitions has greatly increased. Buyers still far outnumber sellers, which has helped to make competition fierce. Although the advisor industry is aging, with many advisors nearing retirement age, we still have not seen enough practice sales hit the market to tip the […]

25 Jul

How A Fluctuating Economy Impacts Advisor M&A

Financial advisors are always hyper aware of fluctuating markets and how those markets impact their clients. This is especially true during sudden downturns, which can cause many clients to become fearful and seek out advice from their financial advisor about how to navigate the change. Fluctuating economies can also impact the advisor themselves, both personally […]

21 Jun

Key Changes To Make During A Partner Buy-In

Buying into a financial advisory practice can be a very exciting endeavor. The potential to grow professionally and personally are what often drives advisors to make this change. An equity purchase doesn’t just impact the advisor. It has a tremendous impact on the practice too, often requiring some structural and cultural changes that will reflect […]

10 May

Advisor Loans: SBA Versus Conventional Loan Programs

In years past advisors had to rely on personal assets, cash, and seller financing to buy equity or fund growth initiatives. Now financial advisors have greater access to capital through a variety of lenders who have entered the market. These new lending sources provide a wide range of options, all with different terms and requirements. […]

06 Apr

Using Acquisitions To Secure Talent

Over the past two years, several environmental pressures have forced advisors to change how they do business. The pandemic alone drove the industry to adopt remote work, virtual meetings, and new protocols to ensure safety while giving staff the flexibility to care for children home from school and to meet with clients virtually. The pressures […]