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18 Jan

Preparing Your Practice For Acquisitions

The new year has advisors looking at their goals and setting lofty expectations for their practice in the coming months. Often these include goals around client acquisition and revenue generation. One target that has made its way into the sights of practices small and large is acquisitions. Many view acquisitions as the key to leveling […]

04 Jun

Transitioning Clients During the Pandemic

Transitioning clients and minimizing attrition is critical to a successful acquisition. Usually this entails several in-person meetings to introduce new clients to the advisor and his or her team. But the pandemic has created numerous challenges and forced many firms to shift to virtual operations. Paired with social distancing rules and lockdowns, in-person client meetings […]

29 May

Pandemic Pressures on Aging Advisors Creates Opportunities For Acquisitions

The past few months have been stressful for many advisors. Managing client fears while shifting operations to remote work and monitoring fluctuating markets has many advisors ready to exit for good. Many experts see this as the catalyst to trigger the “age wave” of retiring advisors that they have been predicting for the past couple […]

07 May
How Financing Gives You an Edge in Financial Advisor Acquisitions

How Financing Gives You an Edge in Acquisitions

Over the past several years, there has been a surge in the number of advisors looking to grow through acquisitions. This has created a market where sellers have multiple buyers to choose from and buyers must compete for the deal. Many factors influence a seller’s decision, including the buyer’s personality, cultural fit, and investment philosophy. […]

11 Mar
due diligence in advisor acquisition

The Importance of Due Diligence When Purchasing an Advisor Practice

More advisors are turning to acquisitions as a reliable growth strategy. Many are seeing great success as a result. However, as with any business transaction, not every deal works out as it should. This usually happens because an advisor didn’t consider the importance of due diligence when purchasing an advisor practice. The rise of practice […]

20 Feb

The Key to Getting Through an Acquisition is Preparation

Acquisitions are a great way to grow your financial practice. They allow you to scale quickly and immediately generate revenue from the new book of business. For many practice leaders, acquisitions are not part of their regular routine and the demands of the process can create challenges before, during, and after the deal. That’s why […]

13 Feb

Building Rapport with the Seller

Often, practice leaders focus on the terms of a deal, while overlooking the human aspects of the transaction. This is to the detriment of the deal and can even prevent a buyer from getting selected when there are multiple offers on the table. In order to not only get a seller to select you but […]